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dollar password
Please be sure to read the following notice before use.




When you settle pay by card double.
I'll have 3000 yen uniformly in a cancellation handling charge, so please be careful.
If you complete a settlement.
To a store, please, so that I may receive the telephone.
I'll do the confirmation you pay here after that.


카드 이중 결제를 할 때
캔슬 취급 수수료로 3000 엔 균등하게하므로주의 해주세요.
결제를 완료하면.
점포에 전화를받을 수 있도록 부탁드립니다.
그 후 여기에서 결제 확인을하겠습니다.


Cuando se liquida pagar con tarjeta el doble.
Tendré 3000 yenes de manera uniforme en un cargo por manejo de cancelación, así que tenga cuidado.
Si completa un acuerdo.
A una tienda, por favor, para que reciba el teléfono.
Haré la confirmación de que pagas aquí después de eso.
comic comic guidance

Notice and refusal

・Please note that we will notify the police if we judge it as malicious such as shooting by video camera, digital camera, mobile with camera, voyeurism, eavesdropping etc.
・Act of chewing a nipple or body of a female companion (prohibiting sweet bite) or injuring
・I am not involved in organized crime group officials or those who conform to it, tattoo etc.
・Rape or compulsion
・Persons with venereal disease, or those who receive it
・The person who can't take a shower before play
・Drugs or acts that take, use, and compel drugs belonging to them
・Acts of using customer owned play tools etc.
・Violent act against our companion, or equivalent act
・Invitation and invitation to a companion not mediating our shop
・Act for forcing an act other than the contents of the service or forcibly
・Acts of scouting our shop companion by a peer or similar person
・Stalking act against a companion, or similar act
・Acts that detain companion, even after service time
・Move to a place where companion can not contact
・From our shop staff, use of those who judged that notes and prohibitions on sales and operation can not be protected
・If it corresponds to the above matters, the service will be suspended. In that case, we can not respond to refund.
・If you are authentic, please request at the reception. We will have rubber. If you are a genuine phimosis, you can not do Sumata, raw blowjob.
・Once play begins, please note that refunds can not be made.

Preventive measures against sexually transmitted diseases

・Please cut your nails tightly.
・Please gargle and wash your hands securely.
・Please wash your body and genitals tightly with a shower.
・If you are genuine, you may get a condom.
・Sexual diseases, or people receiving such sex, will stop the service.

Thank you for your inquiry to our site, our service.
In our shop, we are taking statistics on which site the customer saw and contacted us.
Which day did you examine our shop from today?

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③Wechat japanesesexservice
④ Introduction from customers with experience
⑤ Directly from our HP to foreigners only HP

For those who cooperated with statistical questionnaire on which one accessed our shop HP, we will reduce the discount points available to us by 5%.